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Repair Services

When you are down and need a quick repair, ITBlacksmith will help you with one goal in mind; Getting you up and running as quickly as we can.

Your computer system is not just the Hardware; it includes your critical Applications and Network connections.  Even if it appears your problem has a simple fix, we look at your whole system and attempt to solve the source of the problem and not just patch the symptoms.

On your first service call we will get you back in the game quickly.  Then, with your permission, ITBlacksmith will perform a comprehensive Evaluation of your entire system and make recommendations where appropriate.  We understand small business and realize you may be on a budget.  Let us help you formulate a long-term plan that fits your needs and addresses the correct priorities.  We want to keep you from downtime and its associated costs.

The good news . . . the Evaluation and Plan are free.

What’s the Catch?  We want to develop a long-term relationship and be your ‘go-to’ IT Pros